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Now Add Water…

February 21, 2008

On the third level of the Tower of Ten, we find exhibits about water at various scales.

The first exhibit you’ll see when you arrive at the top of the stairs is a model of the water molecule, with its central oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms sticking out at an angle. Interestingly, the water molecule is roughly one nanometre across! To the left of the water molecule are two puffy ice crystal clouds. Cirrus clouds (the wispy ones way way up in the sky) are made of ice crystals.

To the right of the water molecule are some models of snowflakes, which are large intricate ice crystals.

The exhibit on the East side is a set of models of water nanoclusters, which are small groups of water molecules that sometimes form. Different arrangements occur depending on the conditions (e.g. temperature or pressure).


The Tower of Ten

February 13, 2008

Atop a hill in the middle of the Nanotechnology sim sits a magnificent glass structure named the Tower of Ten, created by Shukran Fahid.

The name (Tower of Ten) derives from the exhibits inside. Each exhibit displays a model of matter at a particular length scale – the idea being that different length scales differ in magnitude by powers of ten. I think the idea was inspired by the short film Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames. The tower has four levels, with the main entrance on the first level. The exhibits on the first level are about iron and steel. You can see the structure of steel from the atomic scale all the way up to a model of a suspension bridge (the Humber Bridge).

I’ll cover the other three levels of the tower in future posts. If you can’t wait, then click here to visit the Nanotechnology sim now.