NanoLands Challenge

NPL challenges you to imagine and build an interesting exhibit about nanoscience or nanotechnology, to be displayed the Nanotechnology Island in Second Life

Methane flow in a nanotube Principles of SIMS Exhibit

If you have an idea for an exhibit, then submit an application (proposal) and NPL will award you $400 or $700 US dollars if they think your proposal has merit. (Yes, that’s US dollars, not Linden dollars!) You can submit more than one application and there is no fixed deadline – applications are judged as they come in. Award money will be given once the exhibit is completed and accepted by NPL. For the complete Rules & Regulations and Terms & Conditions, click here (PDF file).

Red blood cells exhibit

To submit an application (proposal), you can fill in our web-based form or contact support@nanolands.com and give them the following information:
Affiliation(s) (University, Company, Organization, etc. if applicable)
Email Address
Avatar Name
Proposal Title Details of Proposal, including a size estimate
Estimated time to complete the proposal

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