NanoLands Services

A number of services are associated with the NanoLands:

1) Free assistance with Second Life basics. Nanoscience or nanotechnology subject specialists can arrange to meet with NPL reps in Second Life to learn about the basics of Second Life (e.g. how to move around, how to communicate, how to change your appearance, how to search, how to find more help).

2) Free assistance with preparing, promoting and supporting suitable events.  NPL will approve/disapprove on a case by case basis.

3) The NanoShow

4) The NanoLands Challenge

5) Exloring Nano

6) A sandbox where anyone can build. Click here to go there now. The intent of the NanoLands Sandbox is to give people space where they can build things related to nanoscience or nanotechnology. If you build something that you’d like to put on permanent display outside the sandbox, then please contact NPL. NPL will always let you keep your copyright and will give you full credit for your work (e.g. a sign saying “Exhibit by Joe Krim”).

7) Exhibits and events about nanoscience and nanotechnology, free for the general public to visit and attend. Watch the blog to find out about upcoming events. Past events are also recorded and those recordings will be made available on this website.


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  1. Hi do you have a listing of upcoming programs? I am the Distance Learning Manager at ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and I am encouraging our membership to begin using SL.

    If there are no set programs is it possible to get a tour of the island?

  2. Hi I would like to set up a program for mechanical engineers interested in Nanotech-please contact me to let me know what we can do.

  3. Hi, apologies for the delayed response to you questions. We have no scheduled programs as yet, but will be picking up our events and virtual seminars in the next few months. All information will be posted on this blog and also in Second Life. If you are a member of the NanoLands group in SL you will also receive a notecard invitation.

    With regards to your mechanical engineering program, I would be happy to advise if you are able to send me more information about the program. Please drop us an email at support@nanolands.com with more details.

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