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h1 has a new look!

May 8, 2009

Welcome to the new and improved NanoLands website and blog. The site has been undergoing some structural and design changes over the past few weeks, and is now complete.

We’ve updated the site with the latest information on NanoLands activities and events. More updates on upcoming NanoShows and the NanoLands Challenge will me made available shortly.



Announcing The NanoLands Challenge

November 2, 2007

Today we’re unveiling an exciting new program: The NanoLands Challenge. NPL is challenging you to imagine and build an interesting exhibit about nanoscience or nanotechnology – and if your idea has merit, then NPL will award you $400 or $700 US dollars (not Linden dollars). To find out more about The NanoLands Challenge, click here.

Methane flow in a nanotube
Example Exhibit: Methane Flowing Through a Carbon Nanotube

If you have questions about The NanoLands Challenge, then feel free to post them as comments (below). You could also email your questions to Troy.