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h1 has a new look!

May 8, 2009

Welcome to the new and improved NanoLands website and blog. The site has been undergoing some structural and design changes over the past few weeks, and is now complete.

We’ve updated the site with the latest information on NanoLands activities and events. More updates on upcoming NanoShows and the NanoLands Challenge will me made available shortly.




March 9, 2008

As of today (March 9), my contract to help with Nanotechnology Island comes to an end.  It’s been really great working with Dave, Gordon, Louise, Ani, Lloyd, and Ray at NPL.  I think we’ve all learned a lot.  I’ll still be around – you can keep track of me by following my personal blog.




Naked Scientists?

March 1, 2008

The sim north of Nanotechnology sim (named ‘SciLands’) has some new residents…

BBC Radio has a popular weekly science show called The Naked Scientists. They cover some recent science news, people can call in with science questions, there’s a fun “kitchen science” segment, they interview special guests… it’s quite entertaining. Starting this Sunday (2 March), The Naked Scientists will broadcast live into Second Life! You can listen to and discuss the show with fellow science enthusiasts at the Naked Scientists mansion.

When: Sundays at 1800 UK Time, which is usually 10:00 AM Pacific Time (SL time)

Where: The Naked Scientists Mansion, in the middle of the sim named ‘SciLands’



Nanotechnology Event on Monday, 25 February

February 22, 2008

Nature Publishing Group has hosted a number of talks in Second Life.  This coming Monday they’ve got a nanotechnology-related talk that might interest you.  Full details are available on their website (click the link).

Note: Like The NanoShow, the Nature speakers use Voice Chat in Second Life, so be sure to have that enabled.


Fourth NanoShow on 12 February

February 6, 2008

The fourth NanoShow will be on Tuesday, February 12, at 1700 GMT, 9am Second Life time (Pacific Time). Dr. JT Janssen will give a talk titled “Nano-Science and the Quantum World.” To find out how to attend, and to read the full abstract of the talk, visit the NanoShow webpage.

Photo taken at the third NanoShow on 29 January