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Coming Soon: The NanoShow

November 28, 2007

On Tuesday, 11 December, 18 December (rescheduled), Kamal Hossain, NPL’s Director of Research, will give the first in a series of seminars in Second Life that we’re calling The NanoShow. The title of his talk will be, “Nanotechnologies: Opportunities and Threats” This interactive event will be a first for NPL. To find out more and how to be involved, click here.


Exploring Nano 1: Mario Ioannidis

November 14, 2007

Last week, I interviewed Mario Ioannidis, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and the Director of the Nanotechnology Engineering Program at the University of Waterloo. We discussed the nanotechnology engineering program, Waterloo’s co-op program (the largest in the world), and why Waterloo is such a hub of high-tech in Canada. The interview was broadcast live onto Nanotechnology Island in Second Life, where the audience could ask questions in real time.

Troy on Stage During Exploring Nano

The recording is available as an MP3 file.