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» Airborne Nanoparticles

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Nanotechnology Island

Nanotechnology island sits in the centre of a virtual continent of islands based on science of technology, called the SciLands. Click images to enlarge.

Nanotechnology Island map Nanotechnology Islands overview SciLands continent map

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The NPL Building

The design of the main building on the island is based on the actual NPL building in Teddington, UK. Click images to enlarge.

Main Building
NPL Main Building - Teddington, UK NPL Main Bilding in Second Life
Reception Area
Reception - NPL Building Teddington, UK Reception - NPL Building in Second Life
Newton’s Apple Tree
Newton's Apple Tree - Teddington, UK Newton's Apple Tree - Second Life
Indoor Theatre
Indoor Theatre - Second Life

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Inside the main building are laboratories with interactive nano-measurement instruments. Click images to enlarge.

Surface and Nanoanalysis Lab
Surface and Nanoanalysis Lab Entrance Surface and Nanoanalysis Lab
Surface and Nanoanalysis Lab - SIMS Instrument Surface and Nanoanalysis Lab - AFM Instrument
Upstairs Lab
1st Floor Lab Entrance First Floor Lab
Clean Room
Clean Room Entrance Clean Room

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There are a number of educational, interactive exhibits inside the main building and spread around the grounds of the island. Click images to enlarge.

AFM and SIMS Exhibits
Principles of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) Principles of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS)
Bucky Ball and Nanometer Exhibits
Buckminsterfullerene What is a Nanometre?
Exploring Nano Exhibits
Exploring Nano 2 - MOSFET Exhibit Exlporing Nano 3 - Nanotubes Exhibit

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Tower of Ten

The Tower of Ten sits in the middle of the island. Each exhibit displays a model of matter at a particular length scale – the idea being that different length scales differ in magnitude by powers of ten. Click images to enlarge.

Level 1 - Structures Iron Unit Cells
Cable Strength Demo Cable Structure
The Human Body
Level 2 - The Human Body Blood Cells
Skin Haemoglobin
Level 3 - Water Snowflakes
Ice Crystal Clouds Water Nanoclusters
Level 4 - Engineering Accelerometer Module
Silicon MEMS Accelerometer

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Airborne Nanoparticles

Similar to the one used at NPL, the Airborne Particle Monitoring Station on the island demonstrates how air quality is measured. Nearby, there are examples of common sources of air particles, including industrially-generated particles, aviation related particles, vehicle-generated soot particles and marine generated-salt particles. Click images to enlarge.

Airborne Nanoparticle Monitoring Station
Airborne Particle Monitoring Station Scanning/Sequential Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS) Condensation Particle Counter (CPC)
Airborne Nanoparticle Examples
Industrially-Generated Particles Aviation Related Particles
Vehicle-Generated Soot Particles Marine-Generated Salt Particles

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The NanoShow

Images from past NanoShow events. Click images to enlarge.

The Outdoor Theatre
Outdoor Theatre Outdoor Theatre
The NanoShow
The NanoShow The NanoShow
The NanoShow The NanoShow

For more information on upcoming NanoShows please click here

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